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Five Important Event Services

Sometimes when you’re trying to put together a nonprofit or fundraising event, or a professional recital or conference of some kind, you want a specialized company that doesn’t just deal in weddings. That’s us! 


We’ve set ourselves up, (through specific brand building and detailed investment in these service offerings) as a specifically non-wedding oriented event company that’s specialized at helping to manage gala affairs and other big events that don’t involve holy matrimony. That includes a wide range of events where there’s often a theme related to a cause or an institution, and a need to really coordinate what happens around the event. 


Here’s some of what we help with on a regular basis. 


Site Logistics


We help clients with a wide range of site logistics. This can include seating and room layout, as well as other things like security and access, and amenities and services. Logistics broadly governs how the event is set up, and how it commences, with attention to every detail. 


The idea is that with comprehensive assistance, event planners can rest easy about what’s going to happen on the big day!


Decor and Design


In some ways, some aspects of this go along with site logistics…


You might want a specific look and feel for a stage area, or for tables and chairs, with additional covers and flourishes that will make your event look good to attendees. There might be some sort of tie-in to a theme or cause (for example, pink dressings for breast cancer events) or some specialized needs around a given ‘common cause’ that people are showing up for. We can help with this aspect of planning, as well. 




A big component of many of these events is the marketing and fundraising that occurs prior to the meeting itself.


Here, we can be helpful with all sorts of administrative assistance in getting the word out, and getting funding for your next big event. This, also, is logistical, as experienced fund raisers know, and having a helping hand is often worth its weight in gold, so to speak. 


Sponsorship Work


Another alternate route of funding involves getting sponsors on board. We have experience with this type of work, too, as we help clients to make sure they’re moving forward on a solid foundation. Having multiple revenue streams can be a life-saver!


All of this helps to support excellent event planning that is going to have you confident as you approach that important date on your calendar. Talk to Momentous about your event.