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Your Little Universe

Your Little Universe

In the course of planning so many successful events with clients, we’ve seen some guidelines be helpful in starting to  direct people in thinking about how to put an event on.

Some of these tips are more prosaic, like a list of to do’s. Others are broader and have to do with looking at events in a new way!

One of them is to kind of encapsulate your event into its own mental space, to start thinking about it in a comprehensive way, so that you can make sure all of the bases are covered well before people show up.

Think of your event as its own little universe, and with the environment that you set up being isolated from everything else going on around it.

Here are some components of this type of thinking that can help you as you plan:


One simple way to give your event its own identity is to create a deliberate color scheme, something that’s really based on your thinking about visitor expectations.

What’s the theme of your event? What are you trying to get people to feel? Think about that and how it will determine whether you choose warm or cool colors, or bright or subtle tones, and set up a color plan accordingly.

This is one of the more straightforward ways to give your event its own ethos.


This is another pretty concrete one: you have to know when your event is going to start, and when it will end.

Those are the boundaries of your little defined universe that you will use to plan what’s going to happen in every part of your event – the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Think of your event calendar as being a sort of itinerary for those who attend. What are they going to do first? What are they going to do next? etc.


This one’s a little bit more conceptual. Basically, an event has its own narrative. Once again, you go back to the purpose of the event and why it’s put on – and then from there, you sort of explore messaging and how to talk to people who are attending the event. A lot of times, you’re leaning on an emcee or directing the person to pull this off well.


But the point is that thinking about it deliberately on the front end is a good rule of thumb and a best practice for event planning.


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